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Chat teraneh yang pernah saya alami

Posted in Minus Serius by eecho on December 6, 2007

[12:05] phlp_canada: luto sa ko ulam burger
[12:14] phlp_canada: oi
[12:14] phlp_canada: Buzz!!
[18:45] ikhsan_only: oi
[18:45] ikhsan_only: buzz
[18:46] ikhsan_only: what are you talkin about
[18:46] phlp_canada: cno ka?
[18:46] ikhsan_only: who are you?
[18:46] phlp_canada: im asking you that question.
[18:46] phlp_canada: who are you?
[18:47] ikhsan_only: you are first who say to me
[18:47] ikhsan_only: where are you know my yId
[18:49] phlp_canada: i didnt add you. you were the 1st one who sent me a message.
[18:49] ikhsan_only: mmmhhh don’t kno, i think this is missunderstanding
[18:50] ikhsan_only: what message?
[18:50] ikhsan_only: or bug of this apps
[18:50] phlp_canada: you said “oi” “buzz”
[18:51] ikhsan_only: hahaha…i said that after you send message to me
[18:51] phlp_canada: i dont remember sending you a message.
[18:52] phlp_canada: you’re not on my list.
[18:53] ikhsan_only: ok…let settle this…you and i is completely stranger ok?
[18:53] ikhsan_only: maybe this is bug of apps
[18:53] phlp_canada: yeah i think so.
[18:58] ikhsan_only: yeah i hope so


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  1. yayan said, on December 18, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    wahaha.. lucu san, kok bisa sih? kalo saya pernah juga, malah emang sengaja tuh orang jepun ngirim2 message ke saya 😀

  2. aryabima said, on February 26, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    Eh, masa’ bisa begitu? Dia itu orang mana, ya?

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