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How to Optimizing Potential?

Posted in About My Mind by eecho on August 28, 2008

Now I was wondering about how to utilizing the brain potential to maximal. Many information that I heard was told that the utilizing of brain is under 10% or lower than that. I doubt if it’s true or not, but the question arises is “why we only can utilize the brain in a little portion of the brain potential?”. So, now I want to make a little analysis from the information that I got.

Recently I got information about the most genious man in the world, the estimated IQ is arround 250 to 300, is far beyond einstein who estimated at 160. He can speak in fourth month, and he can read a newspaper in 18 month. He graduated from MIT mmm.. I’m not sure about the university, but he graduate master on age 11. He died at fourty three because of heart if I not wrong.

In otherside I have an interested information about michael phelp who have been caled as superhuman, because he get 8 gold in china olympiad and break the record as the person who the most getting the gold if sum with olympiad four years ago. He need a double calory in daily routine compare with a common human.

I was thinking, why in many people I know, there is no one who really can maximizing the brain potential (including me of course). If compared in other era like in khalifah was establised, I think this era are become paralyse era. When khalifah, many invention can be done. I think the khalifah era is the era who most contributed for the foundation of current technology and fiqh (many mujtahid exist). So what the different with now? I think the potential of the people still same. So I was presume that we have the wrong paradox in learning way.

In this era, learn activity is too much focused on theoritically approaching. Suppress the creativity, suppress the visualizaton and imagination. The paradigm of learns is very stuffy, and in unconcious way the brain become dull, because I think the natural of learning is like the wind on the sky that always follow the current not like the water on the can. Also the learn activity is efficient when in mode of ‘fun’ or in other term is “non stress mode”. I know this is only an assumption, but definitely the current way of learn is really wrong.

I was regret that I not using the time when young usefully. Many activity does’nt give benefit for improvement. So is proper when we talk on the deep topic, many people (especially in indonesia) can’t follow the topic. Worse, when in the area of ijtihad, there is ‘nobody’ can answer the question. Like in case of hadist ahad or mutawatir. I think Allah has given us with the potential that adequate even greater that the problem that we must solve, but the problem is about how to using the potential in right ways.

I’m not trust anymore in old school way that only focused on theoritically. I get the good analogy, when Rasul tell about the live, he describe it with a picture, a square and a line. Everybody who hear that I guarantee will very easy to understand. Because he feeling the life, he get the visualization with the life, and the knowledge is very straight impact their life. So on my time remain, I must found the new way of learn, I must can thinking out of the box.

I’m very sure that the current learning method was not an efficient way.

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  1. santus said, on August 29, 2008 at 7:44 am

    Wow, this is my first time to visit your blog. You did a deep thinking on this. Can you give more suggestion how to do [blockquote]
    So on my time remain, I must found the new way of learn, I must can thinking out of the box.
    [/blockquote] ?

    btw, nice blog!

  2. زهير البنتاني said, on September 28, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    There are two books which I think are good to read,
    – Thinking (at-Tafkeer)
    – Presence of Mind (Sur’ah al-Badeehah)

    Both are by Taqiyuddin an-Nabhani.

  3. eecho said, on September 28, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    unfortunately, until now i have no idea…still finding

    i had read the both, tafkir is making us to think structurally, distinguish the scientic and rationally thinking approaching. Other book, surah’ al badeehah is encourage us to think seriously, try to find the solution for our current problem not for intellectual statisfaction…but maybe i still don’t get the vision from the writer about the book

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